Learn how to construct an ideal aviary that is safe and practical for birds in captive care

AVIARY DESIGN & PREDATOR PROOFING is a unique course that has been developed to fill a gap in practical information. This tutorial focuses on how to build a great aviary that will be fit for purpose and practical for you to use and clean, whilst being safe and comfortable for the birds. Birds normally live in a natural environment with plants and trees, access to water, perches, shelter and means to escape from natural predators. All of these elements need to be considered when creating a temporary or permanent home for birds.

Mandy and Brian Robertson from Wild Bird Care Charitable Trust have kindly agreed to share more of their knowledge and their experiences when building predator proof aviaries. “We made many mistakes when first building aviaries for rehabilitation - some of them humorous and easy to fix and others down-right dangerous! Why not learn from our mistakes and create your aviaries right the first time”.

Meet Mandy Robertson

Mandy Robertson
Co-Founder, Learn Bird Care

Mandy Robertson is a bookkeeper by profession and has over 15 years of experience rehabilitating wild birds full-time under her organisation Wild Bird Care Charitable Trust. Mandy retired from rehabilitating in 2017, and with Janelle Ward, they formed Learn Bird Care Limited in 2017.

Together, they provide online training courses about the health and care of birds, particularly wild birds and rehabilitation. Mandy is the backbone for Learn Bird Care, doing all the backroom work so they can bring you all these excellent online courses.

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn from comprehensive downloadable documents and inspirational pictures and tips on the essentials of a good aviary design:

  • Learn about aviary materials suitable for different species

  • Learn the optimal size and shape for aviaries

  • Learn the different substrates and what is easiest for cleaning

  • Learn about the furnishings and enrichment for different species

  • Learn how to keep your birds safe from predators (both in New Zealand and globally).


    1. Introducing Mandy Robertson

    1. Introduction

    2. General points

    3. Aviaries and size

    4. Feeding

    5. Shelter from the elements

    6. Predators

    7. Flooring

    8. Ponds

    9. Fitness

    10. How many birds to house in an aviary

    11. Essential points when caring for and housing birds

    12. Reference Material

    1. Brian Robertson

    2. This downloadable document is for you to make notes while listening to the presentation that follows.

    3. Aviary Design and Predator Proofing - Brian Robertson

    4. Reference Material

About this course

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5 star rating

The best tutorial to make your own aviary.

Francina Evegaars- van der Marel

An add-on to your knowledge of rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild birds. This course makes it way easier to build a successful aviary, because they h...

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An add-on to your knowledge of rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild birds. This course makes it way easier to build a successful aviary, because they have done the thinking for you. Very useful course!

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Aviary Design and Predator Proofing

All this for only NZ$37.00!