How Much Do You Know About Birds?

Birds are unique in many ways, but they also have the same or similar characteristics as mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

This video tutorial touches on some of those characteristics and also explains a bit about them.

Meet Mandy Robertson

Mandy Robertson
Co-Founder, Learn Bird Care

Mandy Robertson is a retired wildlife rehabilitator and, with Janelle Ward, formed Learn Bird Care Limited in 2017.

Together, they provide online training courses about the health and care of birds, particularly wild birds and rehabilitation. Mandy is a bookkeeper by profession and has over 15years of experience rehabilitating wild birds. She is also the backbone for Learn Bird Care, doing all the backroom work so we can bring you all these excellent online courses.


    1. Mandy Robertson

    1. Characteristics of Birds

    2. What Makes Birds Special?

    3. Masters of Flight

    4. Birds Beaks

    5. Birds Feet

    6. Final Video

    7. Test Your Knowledge

    8. Download Material

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Fun Course

Daniela Martinez

Really enjoyed to get my knowledge tested

Really enjoyed to get my knowledge tested

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How Much Do You Know About Birds?

An informative video tutorial that focuses on the characteristics of birds and what makes them unique.